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We're procedural, prompt and pretty affordable.

Get your appliance repair done by one of our technicians and you won't be let down. With low rates, friendly service and professional execution, it's no wonder why we're highly recommended by both our personal and commercial clients.

Our technicians all undergo extensive screening before being brought onto our team. We only hire the best and most trustable guys as we never wish to tarnish our reputation. We then go a step further by also executing the simplest procedure and best pricing in the industry. Our consistent quality performance is what makes us stand out.

What's our procedure exactly? We wait for your call. Our representative orders one of our technicians to meet with you when it's convenient for you. We'll quickly inspect your appliance and conclude what caused the issue and how it can be fixed. From there, you will receive your written estimate and the ball will be in your court.

Your estimate is based on the expected amount we will pay for any replacement parts, along with our labor rate for the job. We set our labor rates in accordance to the Major Appliance Service National Price Guide to ensure we always charge fairly. You won't face any other expenses; if you don't want the repair after receiving your estimate, we'll only bill for our time spent diagnosing your appliance.

Save more with our online coupons; let us know you're using one when you call and we'll credit it onto your bill. Further, when you get any repair you do not have to pay for your service call / diagnosis - making even smaller repairs financially worthwhile.

Let's get started today, we're here to help - call (209) 730-4060 to book your appointment!

Refrigerator repair in Modesto CA

Icemakers are a serious pain.

In fact, a broken or malfunctioning icemaker one of the most common refrigerator repair calls we receive. The dispenser might be jammed up, the ice could come out too small, not manifest at all, etc. All different sorts of issues might arise which center around an icemaker that's not properly working.

The first thing to do is take the icemaker out. It's held there with a wiring harness and connects to a frozen inlet tube. Unscrew the compartment, detach it from the inlet tube and unplug the cable that connects the icemaker to the wiring harness.

Next step is to melt any ice. This process can be sped up by using a hair dryer. You want to heat up the inlet tube until any frost or ice melts and the moisture dissipates. No drops should be falling from the inlet tube when you stop heating it. Next, turn the saddle valve to the right as tight as you can and then untight and turn it back. Any mineral deposits accumulated within the saddle valve will be cleared out.

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Washer repair in Modesto CA

Here's a quick 411 of common washer problems and likely repair solutions.

1. Spin Cycle Won't Start

Most often due to a faulty lid switch, which prevents the washer from knowing when the lid is closed. The switch will need to be replaced for the machine to trigger the spin cycle or else the water will just sit there. This washer repair is simple, affordable and doesn't take very long to complete.

2. Machine Runs Very Loudly

A loud washing machine is a very common problem. The most obvious reason for this issue is because of stuffing too much into one loud. If the machine is also rocking around violently, check that it's installed evenly on your laundry room floor. If the issue has to do with internal part failure, chances are the tub or rear drum bearing is worn out and will need to be replaced.

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Dryer repair in Modesto CA

Is the moisture sensor in your dryer causing the machine to keep running, or possibly making it shut off prematurely?

Any malfunctioning caused by this sensor will mean it needs to be replaced as there is no way to repair it.

Replacing a dryer moisture sensor isn't an impossible task for a DIYer. The process is just a bit painful as you have many components to take apart to access the sensor.

The first step is to kill power to your appliance (unplug it). Then, move it out so you can access the back side. You will want to unscrew and take off the top panel on the back of the machine. Next, unscrew and relocate the control console (which is attached to the heater board) so it's not in your way.

After this, the front panel must be taken off as well. You will find four screws on top of your dryer and also two on the ceiling inside of it. Take these out and then you will finally have access to the moisture sensor.

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Dishwasher repair in Modesto CA

Buying a dishwasher is a complicated process.

You must first consider the type of dishwasher that is right for your kitchen. Do you need a built-in, drawer or portable style dishwashing machine? Once you get past that decision, the specific features that are offered can play an impact on the maintenance and life expectancy of the machine.

Dishwashers can include a variety of features. The specific features that apply to your dishwashing machine will play an impact on the likelihood and severity of repairs that your machine might need.

For example, you have the option between a manual and self-cleaning model. The latter provides the functionality of a garbage disposal which breaks down the food contents and exerts them from the unit. You must still clean off your plates and leave only small bits of food leftovers when placing anything in your dishwasher, even with the self-cleaning option.

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Freezer repair in Modesto CA

Let's go over some common freezer problems.

First off, we regularly receive calls about freezers that are leaking. This issue is a big concern because no one wants a mess of water all over the place. There's also a concern that electricity and water are touching each other.

However, this problem is most commonly the result of a drain that's clogged with ice. To fix, simply pour hot water down the drain and let the ice melt. For a permanent fix, invest in a defrost heater and have it professionally installed. This part is not very expensive and can be purchased for under $50 for most popular freezer models.

Next, we regularly get calls about freezers that make loud or weird noises. The most common example is a clicking sound which is attributed to a failing or defective start relay or compressor. For these issues, a multimeter is required to test the parts for continuity. If you do not own one you would have to buy one to DIY troubleshoot the problem. Therefore, you might as well get a service call from a freezer repair pro. Plus, replacing a freezer compressor or start relay is a job that you might not be prepared to handle on your own.

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Oven repair in Modesto CA

How do you troubleshoot a gas oven that won't produce heat?

We'll walk you through some simple ways you can attempt to diagnose this problem on your own.

The first thing to check is if your surface burners are operating properly. If they are, that means gas should be flowing through to the burner. If not, check the gas supply valve to see if gas is coming through from there.

If the valve is open and no gas is coming through, you must contact your supplier to see why gas is not coming through to your home. Also, your oven might have a pressure regulator (surface valve) and if it's closed it will kill the gas supply to your oven only while still sending gas to the burners.

Next to check is the burner igniter. Take the bottom panel out from inside of your oven and see whether the igniter will light up. If it's glowing, it's still possible the safety gas valve isn't opening up. This circumstance is one of the most common issues and the leading cause of oven heat failure in a gas stove.

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Range/Stove repair in Modesto CA

Wonder what the most common problems are that commercial range owners face?

We'll discuss some likely issues that plague commercial range owners. If you are facing any of these, troubleshoot as you can or, for better results, reach out to a range repair professional to get a professional diagnosis done.

Problem #1 - The Oven Doesn't Get Hot Enough

If the oven in your commercial range is not reaching sufficient temperatures, what could be to blame? We often see that a defective thermostat is to blame for this problem. Sometimes the issue is as simple as re-calibrating the thermostat. Other times, it might be necessary to replace the thermostat altogether.

Problem #2 - The Oven Cooks Food Unevenly

If there is not an even heat distribution in the oven, it will lead to unevenly cooked food. Both elements are on when running 'bake mode' which means any defect in the broil or bake element can cause a heating imbalance. This is not so common as the elements usually stop working entirely, instead of just underperforming. However, it's possible that you don't notice one of the two elements broke or shorted out.

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Helpful tip

Is your appliance not working properly all of a sudden? How old is the machine? It's imperative to do a cost analysis and decide whether it's more effective for you value-wise to have the machine repaired or replaced. Remember, getting any repair professional out to diagnose the issue will cost you - this fee might drop when you get a repair. But, if you decide against the repair, you still incur a cost. Some issues you can diagnose on your own, even without tearing your machine apart, but ultimately most issues should be left to a professional.

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