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Let's go over some common freezer problems.

First off, we regularly receive calls about freezers that are leaking. This issue is a big concern because no one wants a mess of water all over the place. There's also a concern that electricity and water are touching each other.

However, this problem is most commonly the result of a drain that's clogged with ice. To fix, simply pour hot water down the drain and let the ice melt. For a permanent fix, invest in a defrost heater and have it professionally installed. This part is not very expensive and can be purchased for under $50 for most popular freezer models.

Next, we regularly get calls about freezers that make loud or weird noises. The most common example is a clicking sound which is attributed to a failing or defective start relay or compressor. For these issues, a multimeter is required to test the parts for continuity. If you do not own one you would have to buy one to DIY troubleshoot the problem. Therefore, you might as well get a service call from a freezer repair pro. Plus, replacing a freezer compressor or start relay is a job that you might not be prepared to handle on your own.

We also get calls about freezers that keep running non-stop. This issue is often the result of a temperature control thermostat that is not working properly. However, sometimes the problem can be because of other freezer parts that are defective. Some other parts which might cause the machine to keep running all the time include the condenser fan, evaporator fan and the defrost heater assembly. If any of these parts are faulted they must be replaced as they cannot be repaired.

Helpful tip

Are you noticing that your freezer is just too cold? This issue usually happens because air is entering and increasing the temperature inside your freezer. As a result, your freezer will run for longer, pumping more cold air in than what's necessary. This issue is especially common with freezers in refrigerators because there is more room for leakage from the refrigerator compartment, which has slightly lower temperatures. With a chest-style freezer, it's more likely due to a break in the door gasket which would cause frost to accumulate as well.

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