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How do you troubleshoot a gas oven that won't produce heat?

We'll walk you through some simple ways you can attempt to diagnose this problem on your own.

The first thing to check is if your surface burners are operating properly. If they are, that means gas should be flowing through to the burner. If not, check the gas supply valve to see if gas is coming through from there.

If the valve is open and no gas is coming through, you must contact your supplier to see why gas is not coming through to your home. Also, your oven might have a pressure regulator (surface valve) and if it's closed it will kill the gas supply to your oven only while still sending gas to the burners.

Next to check is the burner igniter. Take the bottom panel out from inside of your oven and see whether the igniter will light up. If it's glowing, it's still possible the safety gas valve isn't opening up. This circumstance is one of the most common issues and the leading cause of oven heat failure in a gas stove.

If your burner igniter does not light up at all, it's time to troubleshoot with a multimeter. A reading of 10 to 2,500 ohms means the igniter is fine. A reading of no continuity means the igniter is defective and needs to be replaced. Further, you can check the valve for continuity - it should have some, but no more than five ohms of resistance.

Worst case scenario, the issue comes down to a wiring problem or a faulty control board. These possibilities should be checked after the aforementioned parts are tested. These issues are better left in the hands of a professional.

Helpful tip

You must be cautious when cleaning your oven. Avoid taking off any temperature control knobs to more effectively wipe down your stovetop. Your cleaning solution can soak electrical components in your oven and this could either put you at risk of getting electrocuted or cause parts to short. If any part shorts out, it will need to be replaced to get your appliance in working order again. Furthermore, it's recommended not to use a spray cleaner because the liquid could easily get into other areas where it might not be effectively dried off.

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