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Buying a dishwasher is a complicated process.

You must first consider the type of dishwasher that is right for your kitchen. Do you need a built-in, drawer or portable style dishwashing machine? Once you get past that decision, the specific features that are offered can play an impact on the maintenance and life expectancy of the machine.

Dishwashers can include a variety of features. The specific features that apply to your dishwashing machine will play an impact on the likelihood and severity of repairs that your machine might need.

For example, you have the option between a manual and self-cleaning model. The latter provides the functionality of a garbage disposal which breaks down the food contents and exerts them from the unit. You must still clean off your plates and leave only small bits of food leftovers when placing anything in your dishwasher, even with the self-cleaning option.

While this feature is beneficial, you must remember that hard-to-grind foods will still cause blockage and potentially lead to a required dishwasher repair. Furthermore, many consumers opt away from dishwashers with self-cleaning because this option emits considerably more noise than a manual-cleaning dishwashing machine.

Another feature to consider is WiFi connectivity which is an invaluable maintenance tool. Through a mobile app, you can track the amount of time left on the load, the amount of rinse agent remaining, any instances of underperformance and much more. You will be able to find out if there are any issues which are preventing the dishwasher from working as well as it should.

A dishwasher can easily last you roughly 10 years if you take proper care of it. However, the model you choose to buy will impact the life expectancy. Take the features, functions and manufacturing quality into consideration when purchasing a new model.

Helpful tip

A dishwashing machine can sometimes be used for items other than dishes. However, this practice should be done sparingly and with extreme precaution. First off, you can actually wash tools in the dishwasher to rid them of dirt and grease. Even hub cabs can be cleaned and will come out shiny. Some other objects to consider washing in the dishwasher include burner pans, grill racks and range hood vent filters. For most of these unique items, you might get better results by adding a cup of vinegar into the load and using the highest heat setting.

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