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Wonder what the most common problems are that commercial range owners face?

We'll discuss some likely issues that plague commercial range owners. If you are facing any of these, troubleshoot as you can or, for better results, reach out to a range repair professional to get a professional diagnosis done.

Problem #1 - The Oven Doesn't Get Hot Enough

If the oven in your commercial range is not reaching sufficient temperatures, what could be to blame? We often see that a defective thermostat is to blame for this problem. Sometimes the issue is as simple as re-calibrating the thermostat. Other times, it might be necessary to replace the thermostat altogether.

Problem #2 - The Oven Cooks Food Unevenly

If there is not an even heat distribution in the oven, it will lead to unevenly cooked food. Both elements are on when running 'bake mode' which means any defect in the broil or bake element can cause a heating imbalance. This is not so common as the elements usually stop working entirely, instead of just underperforming. However, it's possible that you don't notice one of the two elements broke or shorted out.

Problem #3 - The Pilot Light Doesn't Stay Lit

If it's a gas range, an issue you might be facing is a pilot light that won't stay lit. The gas safety valve could be to blame for this problem. However, this part is often incorrectly blamed and should be checked after making sure the thermocouple is not defective. You also want to make sure nothing is interfering with your gas supply.

These three problems are only a short list of examples of what issues plague commercial ranges, stovetops and ovens. We recommend getting a professional diagnosis if your appliance experiences any issue that cannot be easily diagnosed.

Helpful tip

It's important to clean inside your oven. Spillovers can cause smoke to build up inside of your oven when you first turn it on. After a while, there will be enough spots producing smoke that it could easily set your fire alarm off. Make sure you clean the inside when the oven is completely cooled off. Use a concoction consisting of vinegar and baking to make sure everything comes off. This method is highly recommended. While your oven might have a self-cleaning mode, the temperatures that are reached are just too high and it often leads to appliance repair needs.

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