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Icemakers are a serious pain.

In fact, a broken or malfunctioning icemaker one of the most common refrigerator repair calls we receive. The dispenser might be jammed up, the ice could come out too small, not manifest at all, etc. All different sorts of issues might arise which center around an icemaker that's not properly working.

The first thing to do is take the icemaker out. It's held there with a wiring harness and connects to a frozen inlet tube. Unscrew the compartment, detach it from the inlet tube and unplug the cable that connects the icemaker to the wiring harness.

Next step is to melt any ice. This process can be sped up by using a hair dryer. You want to heat up the inlet tube until any frost or ice melts and the moisture dissipates. No drops should be falling from the inlet tube when you stop heating it. Next, turn the saddle valve to the right as tight as you can and then untight and turn it back. Any mineral deposits accumulated within the saddle valve will be cleared out.

As for replacing parts: the icemaker itself might be fine but your inlet valve will often need to be replaced. This replacement is fairly simple - take off the panel covering where the inlet valve is, take off any screws keeping it there, disconnect the cables and take off the nuts so it's no longer hooked up to any water line. Now the new inlet valve can be put on and the steps you took can be completed in reverse to put everything back together.

No help? What if your fridge is leaking as well? Fridge leaks can happen for many different reasons, some which are correlated to icemaker problems. Keep that in mind!

Helpful tip

Curious why your refrigerator makes funny noises? These sounds coming from your fridge could be the result of many different things happening internally. The three parts usually to blame include the compressor and the condenser and evaporator fan. Open the freezer and see if the volume increases - if so, it's the evaporator fan that you hear. If not, take off the panel to your condenser fan motor to hear if the noise is coming from there. A loud fan is an easy fix (replace it) but a loud compressor isn't and usually leads to appliance failure and complete replacement.

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