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Is the moisture sensor in your dryer causing the machine to keep running, or possibly making it shut off prematurely?

Any malfunctioning caused by this sensor will mean it needs to be replaced as there is no way to repair it.

Replacing a dryer moisture sensor isn't an impossible task for a DIYer. The process is just a bit painful as you have many components to take apart to access the sensor.

The first step is to kill power to your appliance (unplug it). Then, move it out so you can access the back side. You will want to unscrew and take off the top panel on the back of the machine. Next, unscrew and relocate the control console (which is attached to the heater board) so it's not in your way.

After this, the front panel must be taken off as well. You will find four screws on top of your dryer and also two on the ceiling inside of it. Take these out and then you will finally have access to the moisture sensor.

This sensor is connected to the dryer through a wiring harness and kept in place with a single screw. You need to decouple it from the wiring harness, unscrew it and remove the old sensor first. Then, you can screw in the new one and connect it to the wiring harness.

Now you just have to put everything else back together and the job is done.

It sounds like a painful process and for some people it will feel that way too. However, replacing a moisture sensor is just a matter of taking apart various panels. It's a lot of screwdriver work for the most part. Go ahead and DIY this dryer repair, but only if you know this is the real issue!

Helpful tip

Do you own a vacuum? Great, so start using it to properly maintain your dryer. First off, use a small but long enough attachment to vacuum out the chute where the lint trap sits. Next, suck out any dirt or debris piled up in the ventilation tubes. Then, take apart your dryer and vacuum out any lint and other dirt that's hanging around inside. All of these steps should be taken on an annual basis in order to get the most longevity out of your dryer. Further, these protective measures will also drastically reduce the risk of a dryer fire.

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